Words for Directions

Remember that the words that represent directions — north, south, east, west — in any form are capitalized when they represent a recognized geographical area. This presumes that you might have to have some information about a region to know whether it is “recognized.” Here in Los Angeles, for example, people would recognize “West L.A.” and “East L.A.,” but we …

Period After the Fragment Answer

Remember to put a period after a fragment answer. Do not attach it to the following part of the answer. Q  Where were you waiting at the time? A   At the bus station. We had been there several hours. Q  When did the appointment take place? A   On Monday. We all went with him. Happy punctuating! Margie

Good Grammar — finally!

My grand “experiment” is just around the corner. It is my firm belief that a better and improved knowledge of how English really works — the grammar — would solve at least half of all punctuation issues. In addition to just knowing more about something we use intimately, you are going to make your job easier by having a better …

Good Grammar (finally)

Just want to let you all know that my big “experiment” is just around the corner — an “experiment” because it is something I have not tried before. So often the problems we encounter in punctuation are because of a lack of understanding of how the grammar works “behind the scenes.” I decided last year that I would attempt to …

The Word “So” — Again

We continue to struggle with this word “so” — so little and so much trouble!! When “so” means “in order that” and implies the reason for doing something, it is a subordinate conjunction that begins a dependent clause, and there is no punctuation. …walking slowly so I wouldn’t miss anything… …going to see her so I could give her the …

Adding “ish”

The rule says to add ish to the end and make a solid word. However, when it is just “too ugly,” go ahead and hyphenate it. …was around 8:00ish… …felt warmish to me… Obviously, this is an “eye of the beholder” issue. You might not like those two examples. If not, go ahead and hyphenate them. Happy punctuating! Margie

Two Online Opportunities cir CEU’s This Weekend

“Where NOT to Put Punctuation” — Saturday, 8:00 to 10:00 A.M. Pacific time. “Commas That Separate” — Sunday, 5:00 to 7:00 P.M. Pacific time. Register at https://ccr.edu/index.php/registration/ev360-professional-webinars Happy punctuating! Margie

New Word Pairs Book

My new book, Word Pares, Pears, Pairs, is in print and available on my website. I am really excited about it and hope you are too. For all of you that have already purchased it, thank you. I look forward to your feedback. Am celebrating with a few days of vacation! Happy punctuating! Margie

Sequential References

When there is a word in front of a number that tells what the number is representing, the word is capped with five exceptions: page, line, paragraph, verse, size. The number is always in a figure. …from Chapter 5… …is Exhibit 4… …to Section 15… …on page 4… …through line 15… …to paragraph 3… If the word number is said, …

The Word “Then”

This post was motivated by a FB question. The word then is generally an adverb with the meaning “at that time” or “next.” As an adverb, it does not take punctuation. …We were then visiting friends in the Santa Barbara area. …She then filed the paperwork with the State. …Then I turned left at the next corner. If it is …