I did a “free” hour at the beginning of the month on where not to use a comma. That lecture is up on my website at until this Wednesday. If you want to listen, now is the time. Happy punctuating! Margie

“Into” versus “In To”

There is an instance where either option works, depending upon what you want to say. If “work” is the physical place, “into” is one word; if “work” is the activity, then “in to” is two words. …He came into work. (the physical location) …He came in to work. (to do the job) Happy punctuating! Margie

Punctuation Class Begins This Weekend

Just a reminder that I am beginning at 20-hour punctuation class this Saturday. It will finish before the CEU deadline in September and has been prequalified by NCRA for a full two CEUs. The class meets on Saturday mornings from 8:30 to 10:30 Pacific time and/or Sunday afternoons from 3:30 to 5:30 Pacific time. The advantage to this class is …

Punctuation When Using Parens

Does the punctuation go inside or out? Is there a cap or not? …A (Indicating.) …A Right here (indicating). The English rule: If the whole thought is inside the parens, the first word is capped, and the punctuation goes inside; if the thought inside the parens is part of a larger thought, there is no cap, and the punctuation goes …