20-Hour Punctuation Class Begins Sunday

Good morning.

Just a reminder that I am beginning a 20-hour punctuation class this coming Sunday. The ten two-hour class sessions will meet on Saturdays and/or Sundays and continue into June.

This is your chance to pull all of those rules together and better understand how everything goes together. There will be a question-and-answer time in each session to discuss those burning transcript questions.

The class has been prequalified by NCRA for CEUs.

Go to margieholdsclass.com to register.

Happy punctuating!


A Little-Known Dash Rule

Besides using the dash for interruptions (broken sentence structure), there are some grammar rules that govern the use of the dash.

When a pronoun refers back to one noun, use a comma in front of the pronoun; when a pronoun refers back to several nouns, use a dash in front of the pronoun.

…We received several letters, each of which I answered.
…We received letters, cards, and emails — each of which I answered.

…I sent it to three friends, all of whom I expected to attend.
…I sent it to Ray, Anita, and Roxanne — all of whom I expected to attend.

Happy punctuating!