“Affect” and “Effect” Once Again

Margie Wakeman Wells General 2 Comments

Putting aside the psychiatric term, you want effect if you have a noun and affect if you have a verb EXCEPT…

If you can substitute “bring about” or “make happen” with a verb, it is effect.

…This will effect changes in the way we do business.
…New conditions will be effected when we enforce this new law.
…The death of her mother effected a new attitude in the teenager.

Happy punctuating!


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  1. Thanks, Margie. I struggle with these two words all the time. I’ve posted this on the bulletin board at my desk. Hopefully, I’ll get it right now. 🙂

    1. Post

      Would you like the explanation with some exercises to work? If so, let me know.

      How are you doing? Hope all is going well.


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