Ugly but Correct

Margie Wakeman Wells The Comma, The Hyphen 2 Comments

Q     What is the VIN? A     J, as in “John”; -H, as in “Harry”; -4-D, as in “David”; -B, as in “boy”; -7-6-6-2-T, as in “Tom”; I believe it’s an -S, as in “Sam”; -0-0-3-4-9-0. Semicolons because of all the internal commas. Happy punctuating! Margie

Compound Noun and Hyphenation

Margie Wakeman Wells The Hyphen 6 Comments

When a compound noun that is two words has a prefix or suffix, hyphenate the prefix to the first word or the suffix to the last word and leave the compound noun as separate words. …pre-high school days for him… …post-Revolutionary War period… …real estate-like transaction… …social security-wide reform… Happy punctuating! Margie

A Few Hyphen Issues

Margie Wakeman Wells The Hyphen 4 Comments

When a word ends in -ly, do not hyphenate it to the word after it. …poorly constructed edifice… …newly build condos… …recently deceased partner… Though the suffix -wise should be added to the word and made a solid word, this leads to some very strange-looking words. …punctuationwise, what do you… …made the decision doctorwise… It might be best in these …