Oops, oops, oops, oops!!

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I should not post important things at 3:30 in the morning when I cannot sleep. When the material inside the blurb is the whole thought, the punctuation goes inside. …Q    Where did it hit you? …A     (Indicating.) Now we all feel better!! 🙂

“Social Security” or Without the Caps

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Except for “Social Security Administration,” there is no need to cap “social security.” It is not necessarily wrong to do so. It is just not necessary. …received social security… …social security check… …raise in social security… Happy punctuating! Margie

And a Little More (Read Above First)

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For those who want to add “so” and “yet” to the list of coordinate conjunctions: I have never had anyone be able to explain to me how that follows the way sentences work. I believe this is an error. Tossing out the word “for” because it is a very obscure meaning that makes it a coordinate conjunction, I would address …

The Word “Church”

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Capitalization for the word church is as follows: Cap church when it is part of the title of a church organization. …went to the First Baptist Church… …drove past Holy Nativity Episcopal Church… Cap church when it is the entity — used mostly for the Catholic denomination: …know that the Church is against abortion… …do not think the Church will …

Nashville, Here We Come!

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Getting packed for an early-morning flight to Nashville and looking forward to lots of hugs from many friends. It will be great to see the CCR gang too. Come by the booth to see us. And how much more fun could we have than the all-day English workshop on Friday. Happy punctuating! Margie


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We have returned from our big excursion — 21 of us (almost all of the people I love most in this world) spent the last seven days on an Alaskan cruise. Our weather was fabulous; food, scrumptious; entertaining, great — and it was wonderful to have quality time with kids and grandkids and even the priest. So it is back …

The Ordinal on Dates

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It is not my intention here to deal in any way with “editing” the transcript or changing/not changing anything. In formal English, it in incorrect to add the ordinal to the date that immediately follows the month:…on January 5… (not said as “fifth” nor written as “5th”)…until May 2… (not said as “second” nor written as “2nd”)…for June 1… (not …

Happy, happy…

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Happy, Happy Mothers’ Day to all of you out there who have been blessed to have this role in life — and I think the apostrophe should be AFTER the s since it is the day to celebrate all mothers. What do you think? And when the same word is used twice in exactly the same way — back to …