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Dear blog followers,

I am checking in for the first time in a while. Life has been hectic in the Wellses’ household the last many months. Among other things, I traveled seven times in nine weeks September through November, and we moved in January for the first time in 45 years. We downsized and now have NO stairs AND our very own washer and dryer — first time in my life I have owned those!!! What a treat!!

During this most strange time in our world and at a time that we are being confined to the house, I have been working on some new presentations and webinars and classes. Look for notices in the coming weeks and months.

I am sadly suspending travel for the rest of the year. It is difficult to have to make the decision now for the fall, but things are so uncertain. Both Bill and I are in that “high risk” group for this virus. I am available for online presentations, however. If your group needs anything like that, let me know.

I do think it is a good time for me to resurrect my blog. I will try to do it two or three times a week. We will recycle some of the rules and maybe add in some that I have not previously addressed.

My new motto: Stay safe; stay sane; stay home!!!! (Please notice the excellent use of those semicolons there.)

Hugs to you all — and happy punctuating!


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