“Commas on Steroids” — A New Class

Margie Wakeman Wells General Leave a Comment

I was recently told that what I generally teach is “too easy.” So having given it some thought, I have created a new class — Commas on Steroids. We will look at the basic rules and then see how they apply to those transcript sentences that are lengthy and often convoluted.

We need to figure out how to break these sentences down and recognize the constructions. The rule says there are no commas before coordinate conjunctions that link dependent construction, but how do you always figure that out?

Join me for this six-hour class — January 14, 20, and 21 — as we look at basic comma rules and how they apply to complicated constructions. At just $20 a unit and no airfare or hotel to pay and the chance to come to class in your pajamas and all that English fun, this class is a must.

Go to margieholdsclass.com for information and to register.

Happy punctuating!


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