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This is an online subscription. If you opt to join this group, you will join Margie once a month online for a lively discussion of your questions regarding punctuation, grammar, word pairs, or anything related to English. In addition, you will be part of a closed Facebook page, where you may post questions. This page is unique in that Margie explains the rules behind the issue. You won’t see anything like “It looks good” or “That is what I learned” or “I like it” on this page. Members of the subscription also receive a 10 percent discount on all products and classes.

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Margie travels the country, giving seminars for reporting organizations. Check the schedule to see whether she is going to be in a location near you.

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Margie is also available to give an online session for your organization. You are all at home or gathered in a meeting location, and Margie is in Los Angeles. You are all listening to a presentation and can interact and ask questions.


The bimonthly newsletter contains information about online classes and products. In addition, it often contains articles of interest on English, an explanation of some tricky problem, and/or some fun fact about this wonderful language.



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"Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it."
--George Santayana

to my fellow CR teachers, this is our week!! Be on the lookout for a "For Teachers Only," coming in June!! #courtreporting #teachersappreciationweek #teachersrule

Margie Holds Court

Now there is a workbook to accompany the reference text. Look for a description of both books at
Margie Holds Court
Margie Holds Court
This NEW class starts this Saturday! Do you always wonder about the comma after a prepositional phrase at the beginning of a sentence? Or what if the phrase is after an “and” in a compound sentence? Is there a comma? Are there two?

We will define what those elements are that come out in the front of the sentence. Then we will work on punctuating them. Ah, for the “old” days when ALL introductory elements took commas. But we have to look at the rules that now govern.
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