“Full-Time” and “Part-Time”

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Normally adverbs are not hyphenated. In the case of full-time and part-time, Merriam-
Webster lists the adverb form hyphenated. So it is

…He works full-time in our office.
…She is going to try it part-time.

Happy punctuating!


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  1. That one is news to me. I thought unless followed by a noun it was not hyphenated such as
    “part-time job.”

    Thanks, Margie!

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      The dictionary overrides this rule for some words. These fall into that category. This is a great reason to always check the part of speech in the dictionary.

  2. Hi, Margie! I don’t remember if it was on Jim Barker’s Court Reporter’s Forum, and I can’t find it here; but I seem to recall your commenting that if “full time” or “part time” follows a condition verb such as “is” or “was,” you would not use a hyphen. Example: The job is full time. Am I remembering correctly?

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      Yes. It does not have a hyphen when it comes after the condition verb “is.”

      Have a great day.


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