Good Grammar (Finally!)

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Coming on February 24 is the opening class for the 20 hours of Good Grammar (Finally!).

An understanding of grammar — parts of speech, phrases and clauses, how words modify — dramatically improves one’s ability to punctuate with ease. If you know a word is just a simple adverb modifier, you won’t be tempted to put commas around it. If you know the element is an adverb clause at the beginning of the sentence and not a phrase, you will know it takes a comma. And there is so much more — so much that an understanding of grammar makes easier.

Good Grammar (Finally!) is a 20-hour class that is offered in ten 2-hour segments — Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons. The course is spread over two months; so there is no “rush” or “pressure” to absorb a large amount of material in a short time. And the recordings are available for a month after the class ends; so there is time for review and analysis of the content.

The class has been preapproved for CEUs. If you need the credits and cannot attend a session, there is a simple solution — listen to the recording and write a summary of the content. You will receive the CEUs for the time.

We will begin with language elements and parts of speech and then move to verbs, the core element in a sentence. Nouns and pronouns, including case form and subject/verb agreement — two elements heavily tested on any English test — will take a good portion of our time. Then we will conclude with modifiers and linking words.

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