Hyphen Seminar

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In introductory remarks entitled “Where Have All the Hyphens Gone?” The Gregg Reference Manual suggests that what it calls “the hyphen mess” is simply going to go away because people just don’t understand the rules. And if you go on to read the 38-page chapter on compound words, I am fairly sure you will agree. Since – for those of us who deal with details of grammar and punctuation and word usage on a daily basis – the hyphen is not yet extinct, we are going to have to dig in and make sense of the myriad rules and exceptions. Though the rules for compound nouns and verbs are not exactly straightforward, the rules for compound adjectives are our wildest nightmare.

Join me on Saturday at 11:00 A.M. PDT for a two-hour-ish – see those hyphens there! – seminar as we attempt to assign some order to what is no doubt a tangled web extraordinaire of rules and exceptions.

Sign up at margieholdsclass.com.

Happy punctuating!


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