In Person Seminars

Margie has given over 300 seminars at the NCRA national convention, state and local conventions, user-group conferences, court official groups, and local reporting agencies in addition to numerous sessions for teachers and students.

The topics vary but always are centered around punctuating the transcript and dealing with the quirky English that comes up in spoken language. Usually she selects the “major” topic but is always willing to take suggestions about what organizatins would like to have covered. The sessions are often directed by the questions that are asked, and questions are always encouraged.

The typical session lasts three hours to four hours, but if you would like more hours, that can be arranged.

Here is what a few people have had to say about an MWW seminar:

“If you want to have fun while learning English grammar and punctuation, you should RUN, not walk, to a seminar given by Margie Wakeman Wells. She is, by far, the best speaker I have ever listened to. I always come away with several new rules to apply to my work as a deposition reporter. One can never get too much of her seminars. I am hooked.”

Althea Miller, California CSR, RPR
Owner, Miller and Company Reporters
Los Angeles and San Francisco

“What’s more fun than attending a seminar by Margie Wakeman Wells? Not very much! Her disarming presentation style, coupled with years of punctuating for reporters, makes her the perfect addition to any program. Her handouts contain a wealth of information and reference materials, organized in a logical and easy-to-comprehend format. Her breadth of knowledge and experience is unparalleled; she has an answer for any conundrum presented. Your attendees will be asking for more — and your seminar is guaranteed to be a big draw that won’t disappoint when you include Margie Wakeman Wells in your lineup.”

Melanie Humphrey Sonntag, CSR, RDR, CRR, FAPR
National Speed Contest Qualifier/Medalist
National and State Realtime Contest Qualifier

“Margie Wakeman Wells is a genius when it comes to teaching punctuation. Her ability to engage the audience with humor while explaining the rules of English is truly remarkable. When the board of directors in Massachusetts learned that I wanted to host an all-day punctuation seminar with Margie, their jaws hit the floor. ‘How do you expect a room full of people to stay alert while being lectured for six hours on the rules of punctuation and English?’ The answer became obvious by the first break of the morning — easy! By the end of the day, all 85 seminar attendees were asking when we could have her back for a whole weekend of punctuation! Margie’s teaching style is so authentic that it’s hard not to love her.”

Debbie Gutierrez, CA CSR, MA CSR, RPR
Past President, Massachusetts Court Reporting Association

If you wish to book Margie to do a seminar for your organization, please click here.