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Margie Wakeman Wells The Quotation Mark 2 Comments

…Did he say things like “I’m not going to keep it ” or “I want to sell it ” or “I want to lease it out”? Or what did he tell you?

No comma after “like” because it is a preposition and the sentences are the objects of the preposition.

No commas after the sentences as they are objects of the preposition and not independent clauses as such.

Happy punctuating!


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  1. What about when other words are used to introduce the series? For example, “The form requires first name and last name and address.” “To qualify you must call or write or e-mail.”

    1. Post

      Hi, Susan.

      I am not sure what you are asking. There is nothing here to introduce the series. This is just a sentence. Let me know what you are thinking of.

      Have a good day.


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