Phrases and Clauses — The Never-ending Dilemma

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Phrases and Clauses: How can I tell the difference? Does it matter? Can I punctuate them the same? Do adverb phrases always take commas or never take commas? Does “essential” have anything to do with it?

These two language elements, phrases and clauses, function differently from each other and are punctuated according to two different sets of rules. Understanding how these work is key to making the editing job easier and less frustrating and less confusing. The job will take less time and leave you upbeat instead of downtrodden.

Sentence Structure, an in-depth look at phrases and clauses, is a ten-hour course that beginsĀ  Saturday, August 10, online. Classes are August 10, 11, 18, 24, 25.

I give this class just once a year. So this is your chance!

Go to for details and registration.

Happy punctuating!


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