Drills 1 – A, An, And, The – 80 Pages


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Drills 1 – 80 Pages (The Words a, an, and, the)

A convenient 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 size with a hard cover that will prop up for easy practice — each book contains instructions on how to utilize the drills to improve accuracy. The material is formatted in “sets,” the perfect practice form for nailing those outlines.

Samples from Drills 1


He is the president. I expect to win.
He is to play. I expect the call.

I have to sleep. She drove to work.
I have the keys. She drove the van.



an egg and an app and
an ant and an aisle and

an orange and an aisle and
an aim and an itch and



The paper he has is one that the man is looking for. Is her husband the man who is leading the fight? The computer is her way to do the job. Is this the game she is talking about that is going on now?