Drills 3 – Contractions – 71 Pages


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Drills 3 – 71 Pages (Contractions)

A convenient 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 size with a hard cover that will prop up for easy practice — each book contains instructions on how to utilize the drills to improve accuracy. The material is formatted in “sets,” the perfect practice form for nailing those outlines.

Here are two practice pages from Drills 3


We have no options. We’ve left him there. We’ve not completed that.
We have only general information. We have no use for it. We’ve done
that before. We have been on a mission. We’ve grown tired of it.

We have to listen to him. We’ve been on a cruise. We have one left.
We’ve taken them with us. We have no errors on it. We have expected
to see her all day. I think we have enough. We’ve had problems.

We have been looking for you. We’ve seen enough. We have none left.
We’ve recently signed up for it. We have no qualms about it. We’ve
sent too many. We’ve seen it here before. We have nothing more to do.

We have 15. We have not finished. We’ve inspected them. We’ve been
given no choice. We have a lot to do. We’ve crossed the line. We have
given up. We’ve contacted them on several occasions. We have stayed.



It is too far.
It’s too far.

It is on the board.
It’s on the board.

It is his courtroom.
It’s his courtroom.

It is a long way.
It’s a long way.

It is coming in stages.
It’s coming in stages.

It is on the floor.
It’s on the floor.

It is a shame.
It’s a shame.

It is raining hard.
It’s raining hard.

It is a good school.
It’s a good school.

It is a good service.
It’s a good service.

It is sent on Fridays.
It’s sent on Fridays.

It is a difficult course.
It’s a difficult course.