Drills 5 – Endings and Vowels – 73 Pages




Drills 5 – 73 Pages (Endings, -ing, -ed, -s/z, and Vowels)

(-ing, -ed, -s/za/o, e/i/u)

A convenient 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 size with a hard cover that will prop up for easy practice — each book contains instructions on how to utilize the drills to improve accuracy. The material is formatted in “sets,” the perfect practice form for nailing those outlines.

Samples from Drills 5


fail beam dare bait face
fails beams dares baits faces
failed beamed dared baited faced
failing beaming daring baiting facing



running, raised, wilts, halted, working, sits, setting, handed, ended, sending, received, renting, sits, cares, helping, listened, feeling, marked, hearing, papers, spending, rents



fell bell bit putt net
fill bull butt pit nut
full bill bet pet nit



sot He was just an everyday sot.
sate The giant meal did not sate his appetite.
sit Would you like to sit on the dais?
seat She took a seat in the back of the crowd.
set I will never set foot in that place again.
soot He was covered with soot from the chimney.
sight Keep him in sight at all times.
suit He will not suit up for the game Sunday.
sought He sought a better position.
sat She sat near the front of the bus.