The Word “Please”

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The word please takes punctuation according to where it is in relation to what it modifies. At the beginning of what it modifies, it takes no punctuation after it. …Please put that notice into the bulletin. …Please state your name for the record. At the end of what it modifies, it takes a comma before it. …Put that notice into …

ZIP Codes

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The ZIP code does not take any punctuation in front of it. It goes with the element it follows. …Los Angeles, California 90045, is the… …live in Culver City 90230 with… The comma after the ZIP code is because the word “California” has to be surrounded. So you just tuck the ZIP in there with it. Happy punctuating. Margie

Prepositional Phrase at the Beginning of the Sentence

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So let’s talk prepositional phrases at the beginning of a sentence. What if this prepositional phrase is just a simple modifier, a simple adverb modifier? …On Monday we will begin the new program. …On April 9 he came in and resigned. …In the afternoon I had the responsibility to gather them together. …Before the contract we had to go in …