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Numbers in the thousands are expressed in figures with a comma and can never be a combination of figures and words. …sent 45,000… …received 133,000 of them… …offered 50,000 for it… Whether the number is said “fifteen hundred” or “one thousand five hundred,” the comma is inserted. …sent 1,500… …received 3,400… …offered 2,100… Happy punctuating! Margie

The Hyphen for an Incomplete Number

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Formal English rules say that an incomplete number should be written out in words. …I think you said you made four or five hundred dollars. Combined with the consistency rule, this presents some issues in a reporting transcript. When there are other numbers in the same sentence or area of the transcript, it is simply not practical to write everything …

“A Million” or “One Million” and Others

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There is a recurring question about these kinds of numbers. What if it is “…sent a hundred dollars to him” or “…paid ten and a half” or “…a little over a million”? The answer is that these are technically not really numbers — “a million” and “a half” and “a hundred.” And English rules say that these should be written …

Thoughts on the Word “O’clock”

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We have differing opinions about the word o’clock and theĀ :00. Some of us were taught that o’clock should be transcribed as “:00” by those wonderful, hard-working teachers of our youth [always have to put in a plug for teachers]. Others of us go by the verbatim mantra: If a word was said, I transcribe it. The problem is compounded by …