Checking In

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Dear blog followers, I am checking in for the first time in a while. Life has been hectic in the Wellses’ household the last many months. Among other things, I traveled seven times in nine weeks September through November, and we moved in January for the first time in 45 years. We downsized and now have NO stairs AND our …

The Tag Clause

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A tag clause turns a statement into a question. …You were there by 10:00, weren’t you? …You were there by 10:00; is that right? …You were there by 10:00, weren’t you, to see your brother? …You were there by 10:00 — is that right? — to see your brother? There are two kinds of tag clauses. The one that depends …

The Understood Introductory Word for Dependent Clauses

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The explanation begins with the grammatical fact that a coordinate conjunction — “and,” “but,” “or,” “nor” — must link grammatically EQUAL parts. It cannot link an independent clause to a dependent clause. Remember that it can never be “He is tall and Bob.” So if this is true — and it is — we have to look at this construction: …

Commas on Steroids — Tomorrow

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Hi, everyone. I am just checking in. My Commas on Steroids class begins tomorrow at 8:30 A.M. PDT. We will forgo the usual (common) rules and go for more sophistication in our discussion. It is an eight-hour class, spread out over the next three weekends. At just $20 per CEU, it is the most fun you could have for your …

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Just a reminder: Sentence Structure, a study of clauses and phrases, begins this Saturday, August 10, at 8:30 A.M. PDT. Go to for details and registration. And, yes, I had a MAJOR grammar mistake in my last post!!! …I give this class ONLY once a year. The placement of “only” matters!!!! Happy punctuating! Margie

Punctuation Precision Starts Sunday

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Just a quick reminder that Punctuation Precision, a comprehensive 20-hour class, begins on Sunday. The class meets Sundays from 2:30 to 4:30 PDT and/or on Saturdays from 8:30 to 10:30 PDT. This is most likely the only time this year that I will offer this class. It is your chance to put all of the rules together in one class. …

Commas on Steroids Starts This Sunday

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My first-time-ever class on commas alone, Commas on Steroids, begins this Sunday, January 13, and then meets both days next weekend, January 19 and 20. (As I am putting the class together, I am thinking we need more time, but that will have to be a Part 2 comma class at a later date!) We will spend the entire six …