“I don’t know how she does it, but Margie actually manages to make punctuation seminars interesting and fun. I’ve had the privilege of hearing Margie all over the country as we are often booked to speak at the same conventions around the country. I never fail to learn something new. Who would have thought I’m excited to attend a semi-colon seminar!”

Lesia J. Mervin, CSR, RMR, CRR, FAPR
CCRA Past President
NCRA Realtime Committee Member
NCRA Steno Opportunities in the Task Force chair
KISS – Seminar Presentations

“Margie’s expertise in the English language and the court reporting profession give her the superior ability to punctuate the written and spoken word. Her passion and dedication to the legal profession are unmatched as evidenced by her experience and reputation. Court reporters across the country look to her for guidance, support, and gentle smile.”

Tami Smith, CSR, RPR, CPE
Official Reporter – 37th Circuit Court, Battle Creek, MI

“Speed and accuracy are imperative for a court reporter, but they are worth nothing without correct punctuation. Margie is a Punctuation Powerhouse. She takes what can be a mundane subject and makes it fun and interesting. Kudos to Margie for writing the new court reporter’s bible, Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation.”

Kimi George, CSR- OK, RMR
President of Premier Reporting, Inc.