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  1. I was thinking this exact thing when I was writing it on my father’s Facebook page today. My first reaction was to type it as “Fathers’ Day,” since there are multiple fathers out there celebrating, but I realized that was wrong!

  2. It is called “Father’s Day” because that is what Congress called it when it enacted Pub. L. 92-278, 86 Stat. 124, on April 24, 1972, now codified at 36 U.S.C. Sec. 109. And we all know, whatever Congress says — right or wrong — goes.

  3. Most possessive names of holidays are in singular form. Mother’s Day Father’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day.

    Some names of holidays are in plural form, like Veterans Day.

    I found this rule in The Gregg Reference Manual, but is there a more clear-cut rule for this? In case I ever come across a holiday that isn’t listed in the examples in Gregg?

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