The Word “Number”

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When the word “number” is said and is followed by a figure, it is abbreviated except when it begins a sentence since it would look like hte word “no.”

…It refers to Section No. 123.
…I am on page No. 15.

…Number 84 is not included here.

The plural of the abbreviation is “Nos.”

…I have read Nos. 15 and 16.

Happy punctuating!


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  1. I just finished a job where counsel read 51 requests. So sometimes it would be said multiple times in a question. Ex: Q. Number 1 asks for all docs…. blah, blah blah. Did you provide docs responsive to request No. 1?

    Would you make them both “Number ” to be consistent or only use “Number” at beginning of sentence?

    Thanks for all your help with punctuating!!!

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  2. Margie, there’s a typographical error toward the end of your first paragraph:

    *** would look like hte word “no.” ***

    I feel that you would want to know.

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  3. How about when they are not enumerating a document, etc. Example: It’s been a great day, number one, to start with but, number two, you will be home soon.

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      In that instance, I believe the best thing to do is to write them out as you have them. I will make this a topic later this week. Thanks.

      Have a lovely day.


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